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About V&M does exactly what the name says! It provides NEXT DAY DELIVERY of the finest fresh produce available across the South West. 


But it does so much more besides… it provides next day home delivery of thousands of essential grocery products, including locally sourced dairy produce, a huge list of the ‘store cupboard essentials’ (flour, rice, pasta, sugar etc) as well as amazing artisan food and drink ranges from producers here in the far South West. Also included are ranges of non-food household and personal hygiene products through to seasonal outdoor and garden essentials such as compost.


V&M is the retail, direct to home, next day delivery grocery shopping service from the Westcountry Group, the South West’s oldest and largest independent speciality food wholesaler. Through our amazing Canara Farm project we are also professional growers of fabulous seasonal fresh produce. We are now able to share and deliver our produce to you, at home.  We also provide a convenient same day order collection service.

By shopping with V&M, our retail customers are now able to gain direct access to the same uniquely high-quality fresh produce that we have always supplied to our traditional customers, Cornwall and Devon’s leading professional chefs and restauranteurs.

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We have three dedicated order fulfilment and trading centres, one in Devon at Newton Abbot and two in Cornwall at Falmouth and St Austell.  We are a local business with dedicated teams of local customer service personnel ready to discuss and guide you through your order.

Ordering with V&M couldn’t be easier…

you have three options/ways to place an order with us: 

1.    Select your goods from the website product listings and submit your completed ‘basket’ online. We will call you back to confirm details and take payment… or

2.    Email us with a list of products that you would like to source from V&M... again we will call you back to confirm and take payment... or 

3.    Call us by telephone to place your order and make payment at the same time. 

Whatever your level of comfort with technology, our ordering options give you the choice that makes our shop accessible to everyone. Ultimately, you decide which way suits you best!

We very much look forward to serving you. Happy shopping!

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