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The Queen of Soft Citrus

There was a time when the best soft citrus was around Christmas time when Spanish Satsumas and Spanish and Moroccan clementine’s came to their peak, nowadays Nadorcotts are very much the queen of soft citrus. Available from February to October these super sweet, easy to peel and firm mandarins are more similar to a clementine rather than a satsuma.

Originally discovered in the 1980’s so they have been around a long time before becoming popular but were full of pips, after isolating trees from cross pollination they are now almost seedless.

Other names and brands have been associated with the fruit but the very best fruit in our opinion comes from Morocco in the early season and Peru later in the year. If only the season would stretch into late Autumn/early winter this fruit would very much be the first choice around the peak selling period of the Christmas staple.

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